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Hi i'm debb! I'm 23 and I do what i gotta do. I love art and the simple things in life. i waitress/ manage, babysit, and work at starbucks. I study art history at Kean University in hopes to become a curator. It seems that things do not always go my way but i am okay with that. I try hard to make everyone around me happy, its who I am. I have a sick obsession with harry potter and to be honest i never have been and never will get into twilight, sorry. I love legos, music, batman, and art. When it comes to love, I am hopeless romantic. I have 6 tattoos and each one has a meaning around it. Get to know me, i might excite you.

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Happy batman day✌️ #batmanday #ilovebatman #july23 #imbatman #thankyoudc #dccomics #noshame #addict
Happy birthday to my big, my bestfriend, my other half, my biggiesmalls, my inspiration. Cristyn having you choose me as your little was fate. We were meant to meet and fall in love. We get each other on every spectrum of this world. I love you happy birthday and thank you for being my soulmate. #happybirthday  #iloveyou  #iloveus #happiness  #blessed  #soulmate #biggiesmalls #big #bestfriend  #myeverything #myotherhalf #myinspiration #dontleaveme #photogenic #wearehot
Happy birthday to my wonderful husband @napoleonebaby thank you for always being there when I need to talk, a shoulder to cry on, and when I’m about to go on break/leave work so you can here your trenta berry hibiscus refresher. You’re truly an awesome friend #happybirthday #frathusband #snapbacksandtattoos #throwback  #hehatesme

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Words of Emotion


do you ever discover a new word and think “this is the only word i’m going to say for the rest of my life”

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"if you a bad bitch put your hands up high"


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Clever Street Art on Railroad Tracks by Bordalo II
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