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Hi i'm debb! I'm 23 and I do what i gotta do. I love art and the simple things in life. i waitress/ manage, babysit, and work at starbucks. I study art history at Kean University in hopes to become a curator. It seems that things do not always go my way but i am okay with that. I try hard to make everyone around me happy, its who I am. I have a sick obsession with harry potter and to be honest i never have been and never will get into twilight, sorry. I love legos, music, batman, and art. When it comes to love, I am hopeless romantic. I have 6 tattoos and each one has a meaning around it. Get to know me, i might excite you.

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Happy 24th birthday to this guy. For over 4 years, you have been my bestfriend, my shoulder to cry on, my voice of reason, my partner in crime, my sarcastic banter, the one I go to for any life decision and of course the vise versa goes as well thank you for always being there and I hope your day is full of happiness. I love you jackass and don’t arty too hard, you got work tomorrow. #happybirthday #bestfriend #nobodystilllikesyouat24 #letmetellyouboutmybestfriend #iloveyou #thanksforthememories #throwbacks

cute—animal—blog:smolex:'Excuse me sir, do you have a towel?'

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."

Coco Chanel (via feellng)

(via feellng)

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